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Selling Your Car

Our Company Fun Motor Group Limited are known for our expertise and knowledge within the automotive industry. We are consistently one of the best buyers of quality used cars. As a company, we are always looking for low mileage, high specification cars and will consider all marques.

As a seller you’re looking to maximise the amount of money you receive, we offer a “Sale or Return – vehicle Consignment” option, where we market and sell your vehicle on your behalf. Advertised your vehicle along with our own stock and prepared to our showroom standards, your vehicle is given every opportunity to achieve its maximum value, which will be discussed and agreed with yourselves at the point of consignment, through this facility we are able to market the vehicle to a wider customer marketplace as well as offer in many instances various finance packages such as Hire Purchase and Personal Contract Purchase.

Unlike many other dealerships we don’t build in excessively high margins on Consignment sales we operate a fully transparent fixed fee per vehicle which we don’t invoice yourselves for until we have obtained a committed sale.

If you would like ourselves to provide you with a valuation for a consignment sale or require more information about our “Consignment Sale or Return” scheme, please do not hesitate to complete the appraisal form on this page or call ourselves on 01254 260422.